Voter Outreach
Data Center

Voter Outreach is a highly customizable web application accessible through all mobile devices. The solution is a gateway for voters to access Election and Voting related information. Voter Outreach integrates with your Statewide Voter Registration System to receive data. Voters can enter a residential address to get Federal, State and local districts' election information.
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Arikkan Voter Outreach: Our voter outreach application is designed to share the statewide voter registration system's data to its citizens in a more meaningful and easy to use manner. Citizens can have access to the following information in real-time:

  • List of all of their districts
  • Elected officials and their contact information
  • Upcoming Elections
  • Polling Place / Early Voting Site / Ballot Drop Box information
  • Sample ballot image of the ballot that they would receive at polls
  • Short / Full Ballot image for Military and Overseas voters
  • Tracking of Absentee & Provisional Ballot
  • Checking Voter Registration Status
  • Household voter’s list, etc.
Voter Outreach Map

Access real-time information
  • Upcoming elections with key election dates
  • Polling Place/Ballot drop-off locations
  • Sample ballot image
  • Short or full ballot for military and overseas citizens
  • Tracking of Absentee / Mail / Provisional ballots
  • District and Elected Officials
  • State & County Voter Pamphlets
  • Voter's registration status and household voter list
  • Shopping cart for purchase of customizable public voter registration report
  • Links to other key election sites

Solution Benefits
  • Means for Election administrators to reach Voters and provide all Elections and Voting related information to voters in one application
  • Presents real-time information based on voter's residential address
  • Enables voters to track the status of their mail-in or provisional ballots
  • Enables Military & Overseas voters to download a ballot for voting
  • Acts as a medium for distribution of Voter Pamphlets
  • Allows voters to check their voter registration status
  • Accessible through web and smart phones
  • Shopping cart for delivering public reports of voter registration data

Design Philosophy
  • User friendly interface that presents cohesive voting and elections related data
  • Entices users
  • Highly configurable design that allows administrators to manage most of the application
  • Scalable and expandable design to meet future needs