Military and Overseas Citizens Voting

Arikkan in partnership with Chaves Consulting and Democracy Live has built the nation’s first true online voting solution for Military and Overseas voters.

The online portal is a self-service portal for Military and Overseas voters. Voters can register to vote, review and update their registration, request an absentee ballot, review information on upcoming elections, review their ballot online, vote and return the ballot electronically to their election administrators. This solution enhances the accessibility of voting to Military and Overseas voters in hostile zones and enables them to participate in our nation’s democratic process.

The State of Missouri and all of its 116 Counties will be the first to use our integrated solution.

The solution is thoroughly integrated with Missouri's Statewide Voter Registration and Elections Management system (SVREMS) through an interactive interface.

For Military and Overseas voters, state and county users can perform the following tasks within their SVREMS :

  • Receive voter registration application, process and update
  • Receive absentee ballot application, process and update, and
  • Issue and track absentee ballots

Arikkan, and Chaves Consulting are proud to have joined hands to enhance the voting experience for men and women in the military and overseas.