Enterprise Billing

Billing, Printing, Mailing and Payment Processing Call Center

Arikkan through its business partner, Chaves Consulting Inc. (CCI), has been providing billing solutions, mailing, payment processing and customer support desk services since 1984.

Enterprise Billing Application

Based on CCI’s performance and partnership on the OHP billing contract, the DHS (now OHA) Contract Administrator gave CCI an “A+” rating for services, and DHS awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for Exemplary Customer Service.

One of CCI’s contracts for Enterprise Billing:

State of Washington Department of Early Learning (WA DEL)

CCI provides Payment Processing for Professional Development Incentives and Quality Improvement Awards. CCI customized a financial management, accounting and reporting solution for the federally-funded WA DEL project to process and track payments, print and mail reimbursement and award checks for early childhood educators and institutions. CCI team members also respond to agency and client calls and E-mails.

Key highlights of CCI's Enterprise Billing Solution
  • Customized to meet business needs
  • User friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Created for use by cities and Public Utility Districts
  • Continuously upgraded according to the needs of its customers
  • Supported by CCI’s Customer Support Help Desk
  • Comprehensive bill payment processing and mailing
  • Online payment processing

For more information
Contact: (800) 435 4633 / http://www.chavesconsulting.com