Arikkan is proud to serve elections as the process that runs democracy. Arikkan’s Elections team has expert level knowledge in the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), a variety of State Elections Laws, State and County Elections business processes and practices, voting and tabulation machines, and various forms of ballots and voting methods. Our core team has experience in successfully implementing Statewide Voter Registration and Election Management Systems for more than 10 states in the US. We currently provide end-to-end support for Elections in 238 Counties in the states of Iowa, Missouri and Wyoming.

Various support offered:

  • Application Support & Management
  • Data X-Change
  • Infrastructure Support & Management
  • Hosting
  • End-User Help Desk Support

Working with numerous Elections experts we identified areas in Elections that would need more business and/or technological solutions. This led us to build and nurture the following solutions for Elections.

Election Night Reporting (ENR) Image

Election Night Reporting (ENR)

ENR is a Cloud and Mobile ready COTS solution that presents real-time election results in graphical and tabular formats. The graphical format is presented through Interactive Maps and Charts. The tabular format presents the results data in different views, with the ability to generate printer friendly reports and exports. ENR also interfaces with media agencies such as Associated Press (AP) and other interested political groups through a real-time data interface.
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Tabulation Machine Interface Image

Tabulation Machine Interface

Real-time data interface solution between
Diebold, ES&S, Hart, Sequoia tabulation machines and Statewide Elections Management Systems (EMS) to

  • Transfer ballot information from EMS to tabulation machines to build ballots
  • Receive Sample Ballot images from tabulation machines to EMS
  • Receive real-time precinct or district based vote totals from tabulation machines to EMS

Voter Outreach Image

Voter Outreach

An innovative web/mobile solution that serves as a gateway for voters to access their election related information such as County information, Districts, Elected officials, Upcoming Elections, Sample Ballot, Candidates, Polling Place, Ballot Drop Off locations, Absentee/mail ballot tracking, etc. The Voter Outreach solution has the ability to interface with statewide voter registration systems.
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Web Campaign Finance Image

Web Campaign Finance

Web based self-service application for Candidates, Candidate Committees, PACs. Organizations, and Political Parties to report, file and manage expenditures and contributions. Campaign Finance information is presented to the public through interactive maps, charts, graphs, search and reports.
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Web Candidate Filing Image

Web Candidate Filing

A web based self-service candidate filing application that enables candidates to file an application for election. Candidates can file their application as a major party candidate, judicial or write-in. This service allows candidates to pay filing fees by credit card. It provides the candidates information such as eligibility of candidates and upcoming elections. Once approved by the LEA, the candidate will be eligible for candidacy in the election.

Military Voter Image

Military and Overseas Citizens Voting

The FVAP (Federal voting assistance program) encourages the use of (FPCA) Federal Post Card Application to start the absentee voting process as it is standardized for use across all States. The enhanced solution allows covered military and overseas voters and their eligible dependents to vote more efficiently from hostile zones or other eligible locations.
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Arikkan is continuously looking for opportunities to service Elections and to build innovative business and/or technology solutions that will connect and assist Election administrators, Political groups, and citizens. Please feel free to write or call us with your unique requirements and/or ideas.
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