About Us

Founded in 2010, and headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, Arikkan serves State and Local government clients in the US. We have a deep knowledge of successful business practices and the technology that supports those practices. We believe it is imperative that we develop a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, constraints, team culture and dynamics in order to enable us to deliver the best solutions.

Successful Implementation

Arikkan, Inc. is a leading technology integrator known for delivering on-time, complex, innovative Enterprise Solutions for State and Local governments throughout the United States. In fact, the State and Local Government market is our business. Our single-minded focus on this market allows us to tailor our services and our solutions to meet our Clients' needs. Arikkan has built a reputation for delivering exceptional client service and product excellence that exceeds client expectations.

Arikkan brings our clients in-depth knowledge and experience in the following verticals

  • Product Design, Development, Implementation and Support
  • Infrastructure Management: Infrastructure Design, Development, Deployment and Operational Support
  • Public and Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Designing and building highly available and reliable state of the art data centers

The Arikkan Culture

Arikkan's culture is nurtured through its founding principles

  • Provide an exceptional work environment for employees in technology space
  • Foster innovative and efficient solutions for our clients, whom we consider our business partners, and
  • Bring a positive impact to the community through exhibiting our core values of integrity and generosity
Arikkan Culture

Arikkan employees enjoy a very open work environment where they are coached and mentored to be innovative and create a positive impact to our work place, clients and community. We consider our clients our business partners. We constantly strive to provide solutions and services that ensure our clients' success, provide the highest quality ‘white-glove’ service from the clients' perspective, and consistently maintain our clients' satisfaction as our highest priority.

Arikkan carefully hand-picks our technical experts. We employee people who are highly talented who understand and embrace our positive business culture.